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Kalt Vindur’s Agonizing Luminosity

Polish Subcarpathian black metal act Kalt Vindur has joined The Circle Music roster. As part of the deal with the Greek record label, the band will release its third full-length album, Magna Mater, in early 2024. 

Ahead of that is their latest single and video from the album, titled  ‘Agonizing Luminosity’ – It’s out now on all digital platforms and you can check out the video here at RAMzine.

Previously they released ‘Żywioły‘ as a single and vocalist Celsus said of it: “‘Żywioły’ is a nod to our ancestors, whose deeds, lives and desires are reflected in each of the evoked title elements. Your relationship to spirituality, religion, etc. is not important. The energy of your predecessors is still present, even though their bodies have long since crumbled into dust.  This energy drives our lives today, just as our energy will go back to the next generations.”

Guitarist and founder Svart said: “‘Żywioły’ is a trance track, the introduction is followed by a total blast, for more than a minute there is no slowing down, there is a permanent blow after blow, then it calms down to go into a rollicking epic story about our Slavic ancestors.”

Previously, they released ‘Bless Us’, and Svart said of it: “’Bless Us’ is a good preview of the music contained on Magna Mater, which is a mixture of atmospheric and progressive black metal.

“The album consists of seven compositions including one instrumental, different from the rest of the album.“We are excited to be working with The Circle Music for the release of this album. We’re definitely in good company with great acts such as Necromantia, The Magus, Melan Selas and Corax B.M  among many other high-quality bands.”

Maria Papageorgiou at The Circle Music added: “We welcome pagan black metallers Kalt Vindur to the family. Hailing from Dukla, Kalt Vindur is the first Polish band to join our roster. Their upcoming third album Magna Mater is by far the best they have composed and compared to the previous ones (Delusions, …And Nothing Is Endless), I would say that the band has made enormous progress.”

Kalt Vindur was established in the spring of 2015 in Dukla, Poland. After personnel changes in the line-up of Artur (Svart) on guitar, Julian (Xakhariash) on drums, Szymon (S) on bass guitar, Wojciech (Celsus) on vocals, the band recorded their first album entitled Delusions and released in 2017 by Polish record label Mara Productions. Following that, Kalt Vindur were joined by guitarist Marcin (Ver) for live performances and shortly after became a permanent member of the band.

The band’s first album consists of six compositions set in the climate of progressive black metal, characterised by the climate of the Podkarpacie region demonstrated by the melodies and aggressive rhythms. The themes of the lyrics include man’s struggle with his inner demons, weaknesses, as well as events related to the history of the Podkarpacie region, such as the devastating battles of the Second World War, death, destruction and suffering. 

In 2020, the second album entitled …And Nothing Is Endless was released by Witching Hour Productions, and the band further developed their style and cemented their unique presentation of Subcarpathian black metal. Kalt Vindur played concerts alongside such bands as Pandemonium, Hate, Batushka, Jarun and Zmarłym,and performed at Siekiera Fest 2021.

In 2022, the band recorded the material for their third album entitled Magna Mater. The drum recordings for the new album were made by new talented percussionist Rafal Chruścicki (Czarnuch), who replaced previous drummer Julian (Xakhariash). The band’s style has also evolved this time, and is said to make it their most mature work thus far, with some surprising changes, but at the same time a multidimensional and coherent album.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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