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Keith Emerson’s Variations – A 20 CD Box Set

Keith Emerson ~ Variations, a humongous 20 CD box set covering the entire career of the celebrated musician and composer, will launch on 13th October, via Spirit of Unicorn Music.

Keith Emerson invented progressive rock.  I know because I was there at the time.” Lee Jackson (The Nice, Jackson Heights, Refugee), Emerson’s long-time friend and one-time bandmate in The Nice, once told Prog Magazine

Revered as a genius by both fans and fellow musicians alike, performing in such bands as  Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Nice and 3, he is considered one of the greatest keyboard players of all time, this deep dive into the creative life of Emerson is divided into five parts, beginning with his early years in The Nice and Emerson Lake & Palmer. The collection then movies onto Emerson’s solo albums, his soundtracks and collaborations and finally ends with a set of – what’s been described as “stunning – live performances that “present his breath-taking keyboard skills to full effect”.

The collection has been curated with the full involvement and blessing of the Emerson family.  Aaron Emerson, Keith’s son, said “It is with great excitement that we can share all of Dad’s great work, expanding throughout his long career.  I hope it gives you as much joy as it has done for all of us”.

Presented in a special 10 x 10 inch box, the 20 CDs are accompanied by sleeve notes written by Jerry Ewing, Editor of Prog Magazine.  Ewing casts a magnifying glass over the immense Emerson catalogue and speaks with many of his collaborators to deliver a fascinating history of the man behind the keyboard. 

Also included is a 48-page book containing many never-before-seen photos taken directly from the Emerson family archive.

All 20 CDs have been mastered by renowned engineer Andy Pearce.  The collection also contains a previously unreleased show from BB Kings in 2004.

You can watch a preview video about the collection here at RAMzine, with the actual CDs encompassing the following subject matters: Part One: The Early Years/The Bands, Part Two: The Solo Albums, Part Three: The Soundtracks,Part Four: Collaborations andPart Five: Live/collaborations.

Keith Emerson: Variations 20 CD box set can be pre-ordered now from Cherry Red Records and Burning Shed.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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