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Leadfinger – 10th Anniversary Remixes & Brand New Songs

Following the release of their sixth album, Silver & Black, in 2022, Australian rock band Leadfinger travel back in time in with a ten-year anniversary remastered edition of their 2013 album No Room At The Inn, on 26th May, while new single ‘Gimme The Future’ is out now, all from Golden Robot Records.

 No Room At The Inn was originally released on Citadel Records. An eclectic collection, the band had long been dissatisfied with the album’s audio quality and mix, so with the tenth anniversary approaching, they were determined to correct that and give the record the polish and sonic love that the songs deserved.
Standout tracks include ‘You’re So Strange’, a 70s blues rock swagger, ‘Cruel City’, a live classic hard rock guitar number, and the title track that sees the band swerve into territory. ‘Gimme The Future’ features soaring backing vocals from Chloe West has been declared one of the most powerful songs on the album.
The 2023re-release of No Room At The Inn is a completely remixed and remastered album from the same team that worked on Silver & Black (Brent Clark, mixing and Kathy Naunton, mastering).

No Room At The Inn can be ordered here. ‘Gimme the Future‘ is available here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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