Wednesday, November 29, 2023

LeBrock & Battlejuice in The Dark

Retro rockers LeBrock and synthwave electronic Rock artist Battlejuice has a new EP out in The Dark that’s available now across all platforms from FiXT. 
Full of drive and eighties-inspired leads, with vocal performances from LeBrock, the EP takes the best of each artists and pushes them on. The past and future collide with modern production for a sonic experience that resonates across space and time.
The three track EP features the resonating single ‘Made Of Steel’, industrial metal single ‘Dust’, and synthwave, and rock title track ‘In The Dark’ – Originally inspired by Dokken’s ‘Dream Warriors’ as if to fit the mould of an eighties horror movie title song but outgrew this theme into something more. 

“‘In The Dark’ is the opening theme for an 80s horror movie that never existed. That’s the main idea on which the foundation track was built,” explained Battlejuice. “Dark atmosphere merges with over-the-top retro-inspired synths forming the perfect blend!”

The retro rockers’ first EP, Action and Romance, was a synth-heavy fan favourite that has earned millions of Spotify streams to date. The group followed it up with a more rock-oriented, vocal-driven EP, Real Thing, packed with fist-pumping retro anthems including the hit song, ‘Runaway’. The early success of the first two recordings caught the attention of the label FiXT, thatsigned the group to a multi-album deal and re-packaged and re-released the first two albums in the process. 

LeBrock‘s new material kicked off with a string of singles across 2019 and 2020, culminating in the release of their first full-length album Fuse in June of 2021. The duo then released a slew of singles leading to the Gone EP in 2023.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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