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Midas Fall, Cold Waves Divide Us

Scottish post-alt-progressive trio Midas Fall has just dropped their latest single, ‘I Am Wrong’.

Band member Elizabeth Heaton said of the song: “A lot of our music comes from a place of sadness and reflection, and takes its time to build and Layer. ‘I Am Wrong’ comes from a much angrier place. We played around with this more aggressive sound using pounding drums and baritone guitars.

“Lyrically it is about feeling trapped in a situation with someone where you feel never good enough, constantly criticised and like you can never win. When the self-doubt and insecurity turns to the realisation that you are being bullied, the result is a pretty pissed off song.”

It’s their third single from their fifth studio album, Cold Waves Divide Us, that will be released on 8th March, digitally, as well as on CD and a limited pressing of 500 LPs on 180g vinyl (150 black, 350 clear with orange and black splatter) via Monotreme Records.

Midas Fall featuresElizabeth Heaton on vocals, guitars, strings, synths, piano, drums, Rowan Burn on guitars, synths, piano, and drums and Michael Hamilton on bass, synths, and drums.

Tracks featured on Cold Waves Divide Us are: ‘In the Morning We’ll Be Someone Else’,  ‘I Am Wrong’, ‘Salt’, In This Avalanche’, ‘Point Of Diminishing Return’, ‘Monsters’, ‘Atrophy’, ‘Cold Waves Divide Us’, ‘Little Wooden Boxes’ and ‘Mute’.

‘I Am Wrong’  thunders along on pounding rhythmic drums swirling around heavy swathes of low and delicate melodic highs.  It’s available digitally, and you can check out the accompanying video here at RAMzine.

Directed and filmed by Stephen Alexander, the video captures a highly kinetic dance performance by Amber Dollin, ricocheting and contorting to the music against a nocturnal urban landscape.

Heaton commented that: “The video was filmed over the course of a night in Glasgow city centre. It is a nod to the 1981 film Possession where a woman becomes possessed in a Metro station. We are big fans of this era of horror so also wanted to integrate some Dario Argento style FX to add to the drama of the song.”

You can order Cold Waves Divide Us by clicking here.

Midas Fall play the Portals Festival in London on 26th May.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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