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Mister Misery Serenade Countess Bathory on New Release

Swedish modern metal band Mister Misery plan to release their third album in time for their performance at this year’s Wacken Open Air Festival in German on 2nd August, following which they embark on a headlining tour in October.

However, ahead of that, and out now, is their new single ‘Erzsébet (The Countess)’ is now streaming here. The band, featuring Harley Vendetta – Vocals/guitar, Alex Nine – Lead guitar/backup vocals, Rizzy – Drums/backup vocals and Alex Alister – Bass/backup vocals, commented on the single:

“Sometime during the writing process of last year we realized that we have a habit of writing songs about specific characters, and one that we had not done yet was the infamous blood countess known as Elizabeth Bathory. This was felt like a perfect choice since our bass player Alister had actually travelled to Slovakia to see her castle ruins. 

“Fun fact: The voice of the Countess and some other sound effects such as laughter and walking was recorded in the actual castle ruins in Cachtice where Erzsébet Bathory allegedly resided during her reign of terror.”

Since forming back in 2018, Mister Misery has released two critically acclaimed studio albums (Unalive and A Brighter Side Of Death) and several top-playlisted singles to date. The new  album will be self-titled, issued via AFM Records, and available here.

Mister Misery was produced by the band at Unalive Studio, the cover art was designed by Stefan ‘GraveArt’ Röhm.  Tracks featured are: Root Of All Evil’, ‘Erzsébet (The Countess)’, ‘Eye Of The Storm’, ‘Hand  Of Death’, ‘The Doomsday Clock’, ‘Crooked Man’, ‘Survival  Of The Sickest’, ‘Until The End’, ‘Haters’, ‘Sinner Or Saint’, ‘Ripper’ and ‘Dark Legacy’

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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