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Huta Luna from Furia

Furia‘s sixth album, Huta Luna, will also be available as  2LP on black vinyl 180g limited to 500 copies on its first pressing by Pagan Records as of 29th January.

The band started playing “typical Norwegian black metal”, however, they soon took their own unique avenue. Some call their music nekrofolk, others haunted rock. It is not so easy to define, but Furia are unlike other bands on the Polish extreme music scene. Their music is recognisable almost immediately by the unconventional poetics.

When they released Księżyc Milczy Luty in 2016, they had the metal underground and alternative scene listening. When they toured Poland as the band in the theatrical production of Wesele directed by Jan Klata, there was much admiration for what the band achieved. Thus, fans will be looking forward to what the ten-track long album will bring.

Tracks to be featured will be: ‘Zamawianie Trzecie’, ‘Swawola Niewola’, ‘Na kon!’, ‘Wracaj’, ‘Idz!’, ‘Spanie Polskie’, ‘Zamawianie Wirujacych Sarmatów (Czwarte)’, ‘Maska Masce’, ‘Gore!‘ and ‘Ksiezyc, Czyli Slonce’.

You can order Huta Luna on vinyl here.

The band also headed out on a headlining tour of Poland with guests last November and among the guests acts on the tour is Zamilska, real name Natalia. A fan of extreme sounds for years, her work though built on electronics, emanates with a metal intensity. In the songs of the artist from Silesia, however, listeners will find not only dark colours, but a whole palette of various sounds and moods. In addition to strongly rhythmic techno and industrial, also offers pop or – occasionally – gothic or even exotic sounds, as on her last album Uncovered.

Owls Woods Graves also performed. Ruthless, dirty, sometimes even reaching to street punk and black metal, his Cracow project is a blow between the eyes and produces numbers to chant to.

The final act on the bill was Krzta. In the last two years they’ve jumped from the status of an Olsztyn curiosity to being one of the most intriguing phenomena of the Polish extreme scene. Their poignantly heavy sludge mixed with emotional and at the same time confusing mathcore is not easy to handle, but is said to hit the heart.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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