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Nirvana bassist to play on next Modest Mouse album

Although the Washington-state alt rockers have just released their latest album, Strangers To Ourselves,  lead singer Issac Brock has teased the next Modest Mouse LP for 2016.

Brock also revealed that the band’s long-teased collaboration with iconic Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic  will feature on this record.  He told Hot Press:

We ended up finishing tracking with one of his songs that will end up on the next record. It fits the second piece, the companion piece to this record, a bit better. We basically made two records at the same time. Which, if people look at it that way, cuts down the amount of time it took us to make this record in HALF, man!”

He also revealed this album would be called ‘Whateber’ , a deliberate misspelling of ‘Whatever’:


Here’s an actual f**king story! I feel terrible mentioning, because I might actually call the next record this… I thought, “okay, I always put out these long fucking titles, and I wanna not do that.” And so I came up with this cover art which Epic were like “you could do that but we can’t sell that anywhere.” But I’m still going to get the cover art together. It’s fucking dark, it’s awesome. But the title was just going to be Whatever. And the dumbest thing… I was going to misspell Whatever. You know like, just have it beWhabever. I just wanted to go as dumb as fucking possible. Mainly to be antagonistic and just cos I kinda thought it was funny.”

Check out Modest Mouse’ latest video for ‘Lampshades on Fire’ below:

Neale McGeever
Neale McGeever
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