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Międzyczas due from Odium Humani Generis

Rising Polish black metal band Odium Humani Generis will release their second full-length album, Międzyczas, on 27th September via Malignant Voices. It will be available on CD, vinyl and digital formats.

Międzyczas is an evolution of the band’s sound that started with 2020’s debut album Przeddzień (Cult Of Parthenope) and 2022’s EP Zarzewie (Folter Records). The album is a journey that moves through the emotional stages of fear, disappointment, sadness and loneliness resounding in every song. Listeners may notice influences from bands such as Taake, Drudkh, Lifelover, Sacrilegium, Vemod or Furia; however, Odium Humani Generis go a step further, adding subtle but clear references to sounds outside of the traditional spheres of black metal. Despite its melancholic character, the album is full of energetic moments that break the dark, introspective parts and give the music intensity.

Międzyczas was recorded with Mariusz Konieczny at Heavy Gear Studio, and the album was mixed and mastered by The Fall (Owls Woods Graves, Hauntologist, Mgła (live)) at Skrzypłocz Studio. The unique graphic design was created by Emilia Śpiewak, and the band photos were taken by Radosław Chojnacki.

Odium Humani Generis (OHG) was established in 2015 in Łódź, Poland. The band comprises Biały on vocals and guitars, Murukh (ex-Fadheit) on drums, Bartos (Imperator, Pandemonium) on bass, Ominous (Nightbound) on guitars. Over the years, the band has toured with bands such as Carpathian Forest, Mgła, Spectral Wound and In Twilight’s Embrace, and supported acts such as Uada, Mortiis, Panzerfaust, Negative Plane, Ellende, Pillorian, Hate, Malokarpatan. The band also performed at various European festivals including Under the Black Sun (DE), Throne Fest (BE) and Cosmic Void Festival (UK).

Międzyczas features the tracks: ‘Lustro’, ‘Idée Fixe’, ‘Międzyczas’, ‘Popłoch’, ‘Drogowskaz’,  ‘Jarzmo’ and ‘Granice’.

The physical album is now also available to order via Malignant Voices’ webshop on CD here, black vinyl here, violet vinyl here and as t-shirt here.

Get a first taste of the album by checking out the video for the title track here at RAMzine.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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