Thursday, June 20, 2024

One Last Day release alt version of ‘Not Ready To Die’

Berkshire band One Last Day have released an alternative version of their new single ‘Not Ready To Die’; this version sees guitarist Gareth Stapleton take to the piano. Alex Willox slows down his vocals making the emotions of the lyrics even more meaningful.

‘Not Ready To Die’ is a track that I feel many will resonate with during these trying times for many. If we can all take one thing away from this track it’s please don’t give up on whatever journey you are on no matter the circumstance. We need to be there for each other. This track is living proof we can adjust our journeys. All band members had to be remote during the whole process which can be tough but like millions of others out there right now we are getting it done and learning boatloads. Our way of being there for our friends and loved ones is through our passion of playing and delivering great music. We hope you will all enjoy our music too and cannot wait to fire away on this journey together.

Alex Willox, 2020

RAMzine previously reported on the original version of ‘Not Ready To Die’ here. Listen to the new alternative version below:

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