Thursday, August 18, 2022

Onslaught reveal more details on ‘VI’

Thrash act Onslaught have recently given more details on their upcoming new album, VI.

Guitarist Nige Rockett has given his thoughts on reactions to the album so far, lyrical themes and the meaning behind the title of the album:

“It’s weird, but even at this early, early stage, everyone who has heard ‘VI’ has different stand out tracks, which is no bad thing I guess, by any means.. I think the reactions to this record are going to be better than many we’ve had in the past!”

Lyrically it reflects the fragile situation in the Middle East which is inherently caused by religion and the indoctrination it breeds. The music paints a very dark, eastern sounding backdrop for the lyrics and we have actually incorporated a ‘real string section’ and female vocals in the choruses to enhance the whole theme of the track… It’s sooooo heavy..!

Thing is, when all the songs were written and complete, none of the track names really sounded like an album title or actually suited the cover art theme, which Jeff and I came up with, and Jeff mocked-up prior to sending it to our artist. Seeing this would be our 6th studio album, we decided on the simplicity of ‘VI’, as it gives us lots of options that keep in with the bands history and can also be used for marketing our music and our merch in a cool way.”

Onslaught will release VI on September 23rd via AFM Records.

Sean Rafferty
A metalhead residing the birthplace of metal - Birmingham!

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