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Palace Of The King Give You A Run For Your Money

Australian rock band Palace Of The King‘s new album Friends In Low Places is out now via Reckless Records on all major streaming platforms and digital music stores, and as the band prepare to tour their homeland they also release a new single and video in ‘A Run For Your Money‘.

A Run For Your Money‘ was co-written by Cameron McGlinchey, Sean Johnston and Tim Henwood, and is highlighted by “fantastic keyboard playing as well as the usual guitar histrionics”.

Produced and recorded by Tim Henwood and mixed by the Ricki Rae (Baby Animals), the track is said to sound “as fat as any Black Crowes track from their prime”, and you can verify that by checking out the video here at RAMzine.

The same songwriting team also wrote previous single, ‘Tear It Down’, with the full line-up being vocalist Sean Johnston, guitarist Leigh Maden, guitarist/keyboard player Tim Henwood, bass player player Anthony Licciardi and drummer Cameron McGlinchey drums

Prior to that in September came ‘Down On Your Luck, Henwood then commenting: “This song is a celebration of our roots in Americana and blues rock, infused with our collective passion for storytelling through music. We hope it resonates with our audience as much as it did with us during its creation.”

Penned by Henwood and Seany Johnston, the song marked a significant return to the band’s signature Americana/blues rock sound. It was produced and recorded by Henwood at Medici Studios, and mixed by Ricki Rae at Lighthill Studios.

Back in July, Palace Of The King‘s began re-establishing that signature sound with ‘Children Of The Evolution’ – That single blended thunderous riffs, soaring vocals, with a pulsating rhythm section. That one was also produced by Henwood and mixed by Rae, and written by Tim Henwood with Anthony Licciardi, who also takes on the role of bassist within the band.

The track features an impressive ensemble of guitarists, with Leigh Maden, Seany Johnston, and Tim Henwood each contributing their distinctive talents to the mix. The result is a tapestry of powerful guitar work, adding depth and intensity. Adding to the sonic palette are Cameron McGlinchey on drums and Sean Johnston on keyboards.

The singles and new album are available on all major streaming platforms and via digital music stores here and you can check out the videos here at RAMzine.

A full album is due later in 2023, via Reckless Records, and the band has been releasing singles from it prior to doing so. Back in May, there was  ‘Friends In Low Places‘ – Said to echo early Aerosmith, Rose Tattoo and Guns n Roses, you can check out that by watching the video for it here at RAMzine.

It followed hot on the heels of ‘Dead End Blues’, described as a “magically dark, heavy blues/psych influenced track”. The video for the single was created by Escape Animation and you also can check it out here at RAMzine.

Last December, they released the hard rocking ‘I’m Sorry Blues’, that found the band sounding fresh and re-energised.

I’m Sorry Blues’ featured new production elements from vocalist Tim Henwood showing that POTK is far from on the scrap heap and ready to rock well into the future. Henwood snarls out a killer bluesy rock vocal, that’s said to evoke the likes of Robert Plant, Josh Kiszka and Steve Marriott.

Drummer Cameron McGlinchey joined the band after returning from Europe in 2016, and he’s said to brought an “almost Rage Against The Machine style influence on the band”. The rest of the band being guitarist/keyboard player Seany Johnston and bass player Anthony Licciardi. The forthcoming album also sees the return of Leigh Maden to POTK after sitting on the bench throughout the Get Right With Your Maker album and tour.

Thus far, the band released three albums, two EPs toured the world multiple times as headliner and with Airbourne, and toured Australia constantly with Rose Tattoo and countless others.

You can also check out the ‘I’m Sorry Blues’ video here at RAMzine.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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