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Taking What’s Mine – Pyramaze

Danish prog-and power metal band Pyramaze has released ‘Taking What’s Mine’, a new single and video from this summer’s full-length record, Bloodlines, available on AFM Records. 

Hailing from Denmark, Pyramaze feature numerous traditional melodic rock and progressive metal trademarks in their music, but focus on melodies as a whole, while having a certain open-mindedness for contemporary arrangements.

In recent years, the band has played on many stages in Europe and North America, demonstrating their energetic live performance and impressive musical skills. They have built a loyal fan base and is considered by many metal fans as one of the most innovative and talented bands of their generation.

Bloodlines was recorded, mixed and mastered by band guitarist and producer Jacob Hansen. It can be ordered here and features the tracks: ‘Bloodlines’, ‘Taking What’s Mine’, ‘Fortress’, ‘Broken Arrow’, ‘Even If You’re Gone’, ‘Alliance’, ‘The Midnight Sun’, ‘Stop The Bleeding’, ‘The Mystery’ and ‘Wolves Of The Sea’.

Back in May, the band put out the single and video, ‘Alliance’, featuring Ad Infinitum vocalist Melissa Bonny.

‘Alliance’ is Pyramaze’s first collaboration with the ever so talented Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum, The Dark Side Of The Moon, Kamelot) and is the band’s first true ballad since ‘The Tides That Won’t Change’ from the Contingent album. We are all so honoured and humbled that Melissa lent us her amazing talent for this epic collaboration.”

You can check out the video for ‘Alliance’ here at RAMzine.

Previously, the band released “Fortress’ as a single. The song has Pyramaze incorporating some of their traditional elements and melding it with a modern cinematic atmosphere,” said the band. “With hard hitting staccato strings, soaring and powerful vocals, driving rhythm guitars and drums, and moving and melodic keyboard passages, ‘Fortress’ should please fans of both older and newer Pyramaze.”‘ 

Before that, Pyramaze released ‘Broken Arrow’ as a single, a song particularly highlighting singer Terje Harøy.

“’Broken Arrow’ represents the perfect mixture of Disciples Of The SunPyramaze era with a splash of our modern Epitaph sound,” said keyboarder Jonah Weingarten. “It has the big chorus, huge strings, big powerful vocals, and catchy melodies that we are known for. It was an easy choice for our first single for our upcoming album!”

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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