Rise & Slay with Billybio


Hardcore/thrash guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziade – of Biohazard and Powerflo fame – has gone solo under the nom de plume Billybio recently releasing his debut Feed The Fire through AFM Records, and now he’s brough out a new single from it called ‘Rise And Slay’.

Immersing himself in the sounds, perspective, and culture of the punk underground, Graziadei’s desire to create new, innovative music led him to the late 80s New York City hardcore scene, from Sunday matinee shows at CBGB’s to Friday night metal shows at Brooklyn’s L’Amour metal/rock club. This in turn lead to the birth of Biohazard, one of the first bands to combine the urban sounds of hardcore, metal and rap with lyrics that reflected modern urban life. He has collaborated with many different musicians and been in other bands since, but decided that the time had finally come for a solo venture, abeit as Billybio.

I’ve always wanted to do a solo release and the timing of everything that I have been working on just seemed to fall in place. I always let the creative juices flow, I don’t try and restrict them to fit a certain genre,” he commented, adding: “Anyone who’s a fan of what I’ve done, especially with Biohazard, will love this! There’s something there for every fan of heavy underground music!”

Feed The Fire features the tracks  ‘Freedom’s Never Free’, ‘Feed The Fire’, ‘No Apologies’, ‘No Regrets’, ‘Generation Z’, ‘Sick And Tired’, ‘Remedy’, ‘Sodality’, ‘Rise And Slay’, ‘STFU’, ‘Trepidation’, ‘Untruth’, ‘Enemy’ and ‘Disaffected World’.


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