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Rose Tattoo’s Beat From A Single Drum

Rose Tattoo album Beats From A Single Drum has been remastered for limited edition vinyl release and available to stream everywhere now courtesy of Golden Roboto Records.
Beats From A Single Drum
 features ten remastered songs from the 1986 album including ‘Calling’, ‘Michael Oreilly’ and ‘Suddenly’, with the latter track featured as the wedding song for Scott (Jason Donovan) and Charlene (Kylie Minogue) on hit-TV show Neighbours. ‘Suddenly’ was also featured in a wedding scene for more recent hit-UK show Gavin and Stacey. 
This era was defining for Rose Tattoo with a changed line up, new members in the fold and Beats From A Single Drum released for the first time to great eagerness from fans and critics alike. The main contributing members of this album were Angry Anderson (vocals), Tim Gaze (guitar), Andy Cichon (keyboard/backing vocals) and Scott Johnston (drums/backing vocals).  This pivotal time in Tatts history cemented the band as an established name and a force within the Australian music landscape. 
This is not the first Rose Tattoo release Golden Robot has been involved with, previously releasing Tatts: Live In Brunswick (2017), Blood Brothers (2018) and Scarred For Live 1980-1982 (2018). The label was also home to the band when they supported Guns N’ Roses on their 2017 Australian stadium tour. 
“We are truly excited to remaster what was the most commercially successful album for Rose Tattoo and Angry (Anderson)Tatts will always be a rock n’ roll institution with Angry being one of the most notable Australian front men of all time,” said Golden Robot Records’ CEO & president, Mark Alexander-Erber. 
Led by front man Angry Anderson, Beats From A Single Drum takes on a new life form to deliver a clear and familiar sound to Rose Tattoo fans. Beats From A Single Drum will be made available on vinyl in 2023.
The vinyl will be available in four colours with a limited-edition blue vinyl available for pre-order now from here. A further limited edition red vinyl will be made available in January, with black to follow in February and a limited edition USA exclusive green vinyl to be made available for pre-order in March. You can also buy/stream Beats From A Single Drum here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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