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Ryan Oakes explodes back into action with new debut WAKE UP

Ryan Oakes pop punk, rock and hip-hop blend artist has kicked off his first-ever headline tour over in the States where he and his band have been performing songs off his debut album, WAKE UP.

The tour began on May 14th 2023 at the Rebel Lounge, Phoenix and will conclude in the Peppermint Lounge of Oakes’ adoptive hometown of Los Angeles on June 2nd 2023. Oakes will be supported by fellow genre-fusion artists Layto and Cherie Amour. Oakes is also confirmed for the Louder Than Life Festival on September 24 in Louisville, KY as well as the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA on October 8th. 

Tickets and dates for the WAKE UP tour are available here.

Ryan Oakes rose to fame paving his own way with his experimental, genuine and autonomous music, releasing over 250 tracks to date. Some of these include the likes of ‘SLUMBERLAND’ (2021), ‘BURNOUT’ (2022), and ‘NUMB’ which assembled over an impressive 26 million Spotify streams. 

His values of independence and integrity shine through each of the songs on the WAKE UP album. “I put my own personality into the music as much as I can,” he says. “There are some witty lines and a lot of personal truths. We’re trying to blend the genres so well to a point where you can’t label what we’re doing. It’s super detailed down to the smallest piece. That’s Ryan Oakes secret sauce. It’s something no one else can replicate.”

Oakes released a video of one of his leading twelve songs from the new album, that track was ‘UNAPOLOGETIC’, view here:

A track which, like many on the album, explores his journey through mental health and Oakes’ experience of toxic relationships. “On this album, I tried to give a piece of everything I do,” he says “I get into mental health, flex moments, rock, and pure OG rap songs. I brought all of these flavors together. It’s all cohesive to me.”

The unified clash of genres has excited Oakes’ large and ever-growing fan base, with the track ‘HEAVYWEIGHT’ already mounting over 2 million streams. “The track channels the familiarity of early 2000s rap-rock and pushes it further into the future and massive chorus courtesy of LA duo Loveless, who supply anthemic vocals, heavy guitars and intense rhythmic energy.”

The track list can be seen below and shows off Oakes’ signature style of rap, rock, punk and hip hop. 

WAKE UP track listing 

1.     WAKE UP

2.     HEAVYWEIGHT (w/ Loveless)

3.     WHITE FLAG (w/ Magnolia Park)

4.     DOWN

5.     GROUND ZERO (w/ AViVA)

6.     RUINED (w/ Ekoh)

7.     SPACESHIP (w/ Abigail Osborn)





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