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Seething Akira’s Stars

Defiant six-piece nu-metal rockers Seething Akira’s third album Nozomi will be released on 11th November via FiXT, with ‘Stars’ their latest single out now.

‘Stars’ is said to add a yearning atmosphere to the band’s repertoire with uplifting and thoughtful vocal lyrics intertwined with a powerful vocal performance. Mixing in aggressive synthesizers with thrashing guitars, strong rhythms, and an anthem about accepting the past and looking to the future. 
‘Stars‘ is the conclusion of this study,” stated Seething Akira. “Accept all the imperfections inside, focusing on the positives that do exist, and the potential that great things may come to fruition. ‘Stars’ is that feeling of realisation, that hope has finally returned after a period of absence, with the knowledge that you are not alone. There’s still hope here for us all.”

The single is available here and follows speedily in the wake of ‘Reason To Breathe’.

‘Reason to Breathe’ is about how another human being arriving into another’s life can drastically change the course of their existence,” stated Seething Akira. “The birth of a child, influencing the need to aim and achieve higher than ever before, providing the child with opportunities and hope for their own future.”

You can check out the video for it here at RAMzine, as you can previous released single, synth-heavy nu-metal banger ‘Dioxide’.

Dioxide’ carries their signature nu-metal/metalcore trend, with aggressive heavy rhythms that push the single along at a violent pace; intense and provoking lyrics laced through an explosive rap/rock track.

‘Dioxide’ is the thesis of the negative thoughts that tamper with hopes for both the present and the future,” stated Seething Akira. “Living with this negativity like it is a separate entity to who we truly are. Recognising this entity but being unable to escape from its grasp over our own wishes and hopes.”

Nozomi features twelve supercharged tracks across a mix of metalcore, nu-metal, and hard rock soundscapes with thrashing guitars and brutal, melodic, and infectious vocal hooks.

From the hard-hitting track ‘Punishment Instructions’, the nu-metal single ‘Internal Antagonist’, the rap/rock anthem ‘Something In The Water’, all the way to the more introspective metalcore single ‘Lost At Sea’, the album is intended as an intense journey through the human condition and its response to hope.

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Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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