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Serious Black & the Rise Of Akhenaton

Melodic power metal act Serious Black celebrate ten years together with new single ‘Metalized’, ahead of their sixth album Rise Of Akhenaton, that’s due release on 27th September via AFM Records.

Bass player Mario Lochert commented: “10 years of Serious Black! 10 years was the intro of ‘Akhenaton’ the first track which blasted like a rolling thunder through the loudspeakers at over 200 concerts worldwide . Now it’s time to bring Akhenaton and his army to life, Rise Of Akhenaton the album. So, what would be better to start the journey into the album with a song, that reflects the lifestyle, heart and love to the music of every heavy metal fan – aren’t we all a little ‘Metalized’?”

‘Metalized’ is out now on all digital streaming providers here and you can check out the video here at RAMzine.

Founded in 2014, the band’s last album, Vengeance Is Mine, charted at #16 in the Germany charts. Serious Black – featuring Lochert, vocalist Nikola Mijic, guitarists Dominik Sebastian and Bob Katsionis, alongside drummer Rami Ali – will be on tour throughout Europe with Sonata Arctica and Firewind at the time of the album’s release.

The band will release a total of three singles and videos ahead of the album.

Rise Of Akhenaton finds the band returning stylistically back to their roots. However, due to the modern production by Lochert and Katsionis, it’s said to sound “more diversified than ever”. The interim focus on progressive directives has now changed to more catchy arrangements.
“The return to what characterised us once, was already indicated on Vengeance Is Mine,” Lochert noted. “Since his joining three years ago, our singer Nikola Mijic has turned out to be a real jewel for us. Because of his expressive voice and his intuitive feeling for great melodies, the songs got more clarity and a more direct pace.”

Tracks featured on Rise Of Akhenaton are:Open Your Eyes’, ‘We Are the Storm’, ‘Silent Angel’, ‘Take Your Life’, ‘Shields Of Glory’. When I’m Gone’, ‘United’, ‘Rise Of Akhenaton’, ‘Virtual Reality’, ‘I Will Remember’ and ‘Metalized’. The album can be ordered here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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