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2 Shadows & The Veer Union Team Up For Marionette

Hotly tipped Vancouver based metal juggernauts 2 Shadows recently teamed up with The Veer Union for the release of a hauntingly heavy new single in Marionette, available through Rock Shop Records.  

The song features a relentless barrage of chugging guitars with a propulsive drum line, and is a lyrical rant against conformity and letting other people dictate how someone should live their life – By blindly following the rules.  It’s a call-to-arms to not let outside influences pull the strings of your destiny.

 “’Marionette’ was a really enjoyable song to write,” 2 Shadow’s Glen Bridden said. “On the surface it has a great beat and puppet metaphors. Conceptually it’s a rant about how people so often feel this obligation to do all these things that seem “right” to be successful, all the while without really knowing why you are doing them.  It’s what it feels like to be stuck in the middle of the blind leading the blind and being manipulated. The song is a call for people to stand out and stand up for who they are without letting their integrity be stolen out from under them.”

“It was great collaborating with 2 Shadows on ‘Marionette’”, The Veer Union‘s Crispin Earl said. “Not only did I have the privilege of producing and co-writing this song with the band, but I have had a front row seat in seeing this band grow from the ground up!  I personally think ‘Marionette’ is a song that has the potential to really put 2 Shadows on the map, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for this band in the future”.

In talking about the video, The Veer Union’s Ryan Ramsdell revealed: “In the ‘Marionette’ video, we aimed to maintain a connection with the themes of weightlessness and suspension while also visualizing some of the powerful influences steering our world’s current course.  It was exciting to work with 2 Shadows as they always bring it when performing live.  Our director Julien Bouffard made the video shoot here in Vancouver memorable”.

2 Shadows’ Glen Bridden added “In the music video for ‘Marionette’ we wanted to match the meanings drawn from the lyrics and vibe of the song translated into the visuals. The void-like space we occupy lends itself really nicely to the darkness in the track. It was also a huge pleasure to work with our good friends in The Veer Union on this video, our combined energy added so much impact and life to the video set!”

2 Shadows has been together since 2015, steadily honing their craft through continuous touring, and are now on the second leg of their North American The Cold Inside Tour. The band plans to release more new music in 2024 and tour throughout the year.  They have over 390k followers on TikTok, and have amassed over 100 Million content views across all their social media networks.

The Veer Union was formed in 2004 has had a #1 hit on Sirius XM Octane, 12 Top 40 singles on the Billboard Rock Radio charts.  They’ve over 250 Million career audio streams and 100 million Youtube views, with 350,000+ Social Media followers.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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