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Shakra Remain Invincible

Swiss hard rockers Shakra‘s new album, Invincible, will be out on 9th June on AFM Records, and ahead ahead of that comes new single, ‘Tell Her That I’m Sorry’. 

Described as an “emotional rollercoaster ride of a failed relationship” it reflects on missed opportunities and unrequited love. “The song is not only a call for reconciliation, but also a powerful testimony to the universal experience of love and loss.” claim the band and you can check that out first via the video here at RAMzine.

“You are invincible— It happens in your brain”. That’s the core message by Shakra who kicked off 2023 with the title track to their new album as a single. “The ability to have an unbreakable will and thereby achieve or create great things,” claimed the band as its intent. “But not only that. It can also mean being able to pull oneself out of the deepest swamp and be perceived in this society as a person steeled with self-confidence”. Shakra‘s song is, so word has it: “a source of power to strengthen exactly this will. You can achieve anything, not if you believe in it, but if you know it…and that makes you invincible!”

‘Invincible’ is available on all digital platforms here via AFM Records and you can also check out the video for that here at RAMzine.

The five piece band released their Mad World album just before the pandemic hit the earth and wanted to go on tour with it, this had to be cancelled again immediately or partly postponed. Conscious of their duty, as the Swiss are, this was the first thing that was tackled when in spring 2022 they began to play the concerts, long awaited by the fans, and now a new song also appears.

They followed this last September, releasing the single ‘The Way It Is’ and after two years of membership, on bass, Dominik Pfister’s successor, Cyril Montavon, was heard for the first time on record, even though he’s still affectionately called “the new guy” by the band.

“I had this song idea that had been floating around in my head forever and it just had to come out,” said rhythm guitarist Thomas Muster of that song. “We thought the song was so awesome that we just had to record it!” added vocalist Mark Fox.

With the date for Invincible now revealled, so that can the track list: ‘The Way It Is’, ‘The Matrix Unfolds’, ‘Invincible’, ‘Devil Left Hell’, ‘On The Wild Side’, ‘Old Irish Song’, ‘Tell Her That I’m Sorry’, ‘As I Lay Down To Sleep’, House Of Rock’, ‘Walls Of Hate’, ‘Between the Lines’ and ‘As Long As I’m Alive’.

The album can be ordered here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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