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Soulbound Go Insane

Soulbound release the studio album obsYdian through Metalville Records on 26th July, with the intent that it breaks boundaries in Goth rock and industrial metal.

The band featuring Johnny Stecker (Vocals), Felix Klemisch (Guitar), Patrick Winzler (Synthesiser), Jonas Lange (Bass) and Mario Krause (Drums), preview that with their latrss single, ‘Insane’.

Described as a powerful mix of industrial metal and metalcore, marked by thundering guitars and sharp synthesisers, the song outlines the journey through the battles against the darkness within ourselves, and as an encouragement to face our own demons.

Available digitally, you can check out the video for it here at RAMzine.

It follows the release of ‘Saint Sinner’, a song that navigates through dark desires, is raw, authentic – a challenge to expose oneself. A must for lovers of intense, transcendent sounds. With the line “Show me your secrets” a call into the unknown. 

Soulbound see in the symbolism obsidian a perfect metaphor for their work as musicians: Dark, mysterious, reflective, protective, transformative, clear and honest, deep and strong. obsYdian is not just an album for them; it is an expression of their development, their way of seeing.

Produced by Chris Harms (Lord Of The Lost), tracks featured on the album are: ‘obsYdian’, ‘Burn’, ‘Insane’, ‘Forever In The Dark’, ‘Saint Sinner’, ‘Lioness’, ‘Isolate’, ‘Heartless’, ‘Paralyzed’, ‘Remain [Part 1] and ‘Remain [Part 2]’.

With dark elegance, full of reflection and with a certain harshness, this new album represents Soulbound‘s journey through the last years – A journey through a spectrum of intense themes. These range from the intense confrontation with the musicians’ own inner demons to socially critical observations that continue to confront them with clear clarity about the serious consequences associated with these consequences, through to deep, introspective reflections on various personal themes, such as the subject of parting.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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