Monday, April 15, 2024

Stoner Doom outfit Stramonium announce new record deal

It’s been a good news week so far for fans of the various sub-genres of doom metal, Milan’s very own Stramonium have announced they have completed the signing of a new worldwide deal with Argonauta Records.

The band’s sound takes inspiration from classic rock to 70’s psychedelia that is present in a large amount of stoner doom, along with modern stoner stylings and a good measure of old school doom. Conjuring comparisons to icons and pioneers of the genre such as Black Sabbath and Pentagram, along with some clear influence from the likes of Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead.

The themes their music touches on focus on occultism, esoteric doctrines, symbolism and specifically the cult of the Moon. A melting pot of melodic vocal lines, acid reverbs and hypnotic slow riffs; fast fuzzed solos and heavy-muff rhythmic lines, the Italian four-piece takes its listener on an introspective trip through a decadent and obscure landscape, made of pagan worship and a genuine passion for the 70’s heavy-rock scene.

The deal struck with the label will see the release of their first full-length album, entitled Elder Moon, through Argonauta Records.

There’s even a sneak peek to the first single, Son Of The Moon, below

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Jay Taylor-Brown
Jay Taylor-Brown
Assistant Editor of RAMzine - Raised on Motown and Rock, now with a deep love for all things metal and heavy rock. Veteran gig goer, favorite bands include Slayer, Mastodon, Dopelord & Power Trip among many others. Explorer of subgenres, collector of whiskey.

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