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The Black Skeleton Looks in The Rear View

Australia’s The Black Skeleton has confirmed release of new album, The Rear View, on 11th August, via Golden Robot Records.

Melbourne based singer-songwriter Quinn Gardener-Kane, has been making what started as a fun journey of writing and recording with other super creative friends, into an emotive rock ‘n roll beast all of its own.

The Black Skeleton is a window to the inner thoughts and stories of Quinn’s life experiences; some dark, some haunting, but always personal. The themes and depth of this collection of songs are said to resonate, provoke and have a different point of resonation with each listen. 

Quinn has sought after, and secured, some of Australia’s most accomplished musicians to assist in the final recordings, and form a live band to showcase the songs.

Kane commented on the album tracks as follows:

‘Raiser’: “New York post-punk mayhem incarnate, Raiser is the sexual tyrannosaurus of The Rear View album and The Black Skeleton in full flight. The unholiest of unholiness. Enjoy!” 

‘Swear‘: “The first single from the forthcoming album. ‘Swear’ is about as grunt and as catchy as it gets. Listen to it as loud as your system can handle it. You won’t be disappointed. The Black Skeleton is at the wheel and the pedal is to the metal.” 

‘The Rabbit Hole’: “Gritty, edgy, honest. ‘The Rabbit Hole’ is one of the earliest tracks completed for The Rear View album and steps away rom traditional rock songwriting into an energy all its own. What we trying new things like to call a grower.”

‘Killfingers’: “Some people deserve the slow cold touch. Play ‘em this one. There’s an homage to one of my favourite movies in here too. I loved working on this one. It started as a completely different outline many years ago. I hope you like it enough to tell someone about it.”

‘The Snake’: “The latest release from The Black Skeleton is a hauntingly familiar stadium rock tragedy that tugs on the heartstring and inspires… nah… that’s bullshit.. This new track, The Snake, is just a whole mess of rock n roll fun. Get in in ya ears!”

‘The Rear View’: “When you don’t like what you see, reinvent it. This is a track about reclaiming the person you were always meant to be. Put everything about the past you dislike in the rear view and head toward the sun.”

‘Puppy Run’: “Most of my lyrics are constructed of metaphors – this is the exception. ‘Puppy Run’ is all about a dog I had that just wanted to run until he couldn’t go on any longer. He’d wait or me to finish work and be ready and off we’d go. It’s all he wanted to do aside from lick his deck and eat. Best dog I ever had.”

‘Jaded Ways’: “Relationship gone stale? Flip it, exit and get busy being happy!”

‘Sakura’: “This is a piece of music that I’m really happy with exactly how it is. It was a bunch of fun to create and I hope it sends an energy of looking forward through you as it does me.”

‘Change’: “How do you know when enough is enough? As soon as someone asks the question. ‘Change’, the 2023 version, is about as close as it gets to the truth of romantic love – it never lasts”. 

In June, they released ‘The Snake’, as their second single.

According to the band’s frontman, Quinn Gardener Kane, “‘The Snake‘ defies expectations and delivers an irresistible dose of rock ‘n roll fun. With its electrifying sound and infectious energy, this track is bound to leave listeners craving more.”

You can stream/but the single here and check out the video right here at RAMzine.

‘Swear’ was the previous single taken from the new album, and is about as grungy and as catchy as it gets, we’re told, and you can get hold of it here. You can also check out the video to it here at RAMzine.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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