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The Rolling Stones Join In On ‘One World: Together At Home’ Concert

Rolling Stones, along with other brilliant artists, made quite a show when they successfully pulled off their global concert that streamed through different homes. Fans experienced first hand of quality performance for free, and what’s better is that this event also exists to help people with the ongoing pandemic.

During the global lockdown, Rolling Stones is there to amaze us again. Rock band member decides to help the world in different ways. First, there were offered to play poker along with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, perform in front of millions of fans through mobile/desktop applications with other big-time musicians and launch docu-series in May to entertain people. 

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Others to Host a Charity Poker Game

The Good Will Hunting (1997) actors and real-life friend Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to take part in a charity poker tournament in attempts to raise financial assistance for Feeding America.

Ben Affleck was the first who started a movement about the poker night. American actor posted on Instagram and Twitter about the event and encouraged others to help him spread the awareness about it. Rock band members were first to get an official invite for “a perfect poker night” but as it seems they were not in playing online poker. Meanwhile, Matt Damon and other celebrities joined Ben. Adam Levine was the first musician who joined an online casino game. The best of friends huddled up together with quarterback Tom Brady, and other famous stars to showcase their skills in Texas hold’em. The starstudded event was composed of people such as Jason Bateman, Jon Hamm, Tobey Maguire, Adam Sandler, etc. The event All In For America’s Charity streamed live on April 11, 2020, with already $1.2 Million raised for charity. The event was streamed on Twitch so millions of viewers could interact with celebrities playing real money casino online. Ben Affleck confirmed that poker night has raised more than they were expecting, hence he is ready to held another night related to other casino games (roulette or blackjack) and Rock Band members will have a chance to join him in another event. 

The Rolling Stones Join In On ‘One World: Together At Home’

The “One World: Together At Home” initiative is organized by Global Citizen to raise funds and donate to those that are affected by the coronavirus crisis. Rolling Stones jammed using their instruments, but not all of them since Charlie Watts seems to have forgotten to bring something with him.

Mick Jagger, the legendary rock icon, introduced their performance to us by saying, “Here’s one I hope you know!” and the rest is history. In the video, we can see Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, and Keith Richards performing using their guitars. Most of the fans pointed out how Watts air drummed flawlessly, with some even asking the whereabouts of his drum set.

The iconic rock band pulled off a nostalgic performance even without the physical presence of each other. That alone is evidence that their years of experience are still there inside.

The global concert made headlines, which include more artists like Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Joe Armstrong, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez John Legend, and many more!

The 8-hour concert is in two parts, the first one being the pre-show that lasted for almost 6 hours, and the main show which lasted for 2 hours, at least. Exceptional hosts have also volunteered for the project, including Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Lady Gaga expressed her gratitude towards the initiative on Twitter, saying that she’s humbled to become part of the event.

Global Concert Raises More Than $128M for Coronavirus Response Efforts

The World Health Organization continuously works hard to aid people in these trying times. They will also be the recipient of this fundraising event. The world is still struggling to keep its forces to fight the pandemic that infected the majority of countries around the world, with a leading number of cases in the United States. With this current situation, things would likely last for a while, so whatever form of help is needed.

According to Global Citizen, the concert organizer, a total of $128 million donations got collected from different people around the world. In such a short amount of time, the impact that the artists have made would help a lot of people.

WHO will use the funds they will receive to further their agenda to help people with the coronavirus crisis. According to them, they will receive a total of $55.1 million from the total funds that Global Citizen gathered throughout the project, while the rest will go directly to other organizations.

It seems like the decision to put Rolling stones at the forefront of the event made everything possible, with the help if other renowned artists like Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Usher, etc.

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