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Thunder’s Luke Morley will be releasing a solo album in June

Luke Morley has been an integral part of Thunder, the UK rock band, since 1989. As their guitarist, chief songwriter and producer, he has played a crucial role in their success over the years. With his help, Thunder has produced 14 albums that have earned them a loyal fanbase and enduring popularity. Their impressive metrics include seven UK Top 10 albums and 18 Top 40 singles. However, there is more to Luke Morley.

His brand-new solo album Songs from The Blue Room showcases other aspects of his talents as he confidently steps into the arena of rock-tinged Americana. This new album is a tour de force for Luke Morley’s multiple talents: songwriter, singer, musician and producer.

Not only is he renowned for his guitar skills – as a left-handed player at that – but he also plays all instruments on the album except drums (which are expertly handled by Dave McCluskey). Songs from The Blue Room highlights Luke Morley’s strong yet nuanced rock vocals where he sings lead on all tracks.

The highly anticipated album will be released on June 23rd in CD format as well as digital download or limited-edition blue vinyl. Fans can pre-order signed LPs or CDs along with an exclusive signed postcard through Luke’s music store now available at

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