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Trifecta & The New Normal

Trifecta, the musical collaboration between singer/bass player Nick Beggs, keyboardist Adam Holzman and drummer Craig Blundell, has a new album due with The New Normal, and ahead of that and out now is the trio’s new single ‘Stupid Pop Song’.

 The song wasn’t actually intended to be released by Trifecta, as Beggs explained: “Stupid Pop Song was written for my daughter Willow who had a band for a while and was looking for material. I wrote it in the car one day whilst thinking about her musical journey.

“It obviously has a different narrative and irony when sung by me which is what happened in the end owing to the fact her band split up.I played it to Craig and Adam who both thought it would work well for Trifecta, but at the time I was unsure.  They kind of talked me round after playing with the arrangement in their studios. I think it worked out rather well.”

You can stream/download the single here and check out and check out the animated video for it – created by Willow Beggs – here at RAMzine.

It’s often said that the greatest musical groups are the ones with the right mixture of ideas, talent and chemistry. These are things Trifecta have in abundance, the members having spent their most recent years touring some of the world’s biggest stages as part of many band, including Steven Wilson. It was from that later configuration that they decided to form a largely instrumental offshoot as a trio, eventually writing and released 2021’s Fragments, their debut album, where they were already off to a head start, with a tangible sense of creative familiarity.

For listeners seeking to escape the confines of the normal world, The New Normal will enable a window into vistas in a multitude of sonics and in concept. By combining elements of progressive rock, jazz fusion, all with a dash of typical English wit, the band bring the listener into a world where “sound is malleable, time is a mere concept and vegetables have otherworldly properties like the ‘Stroboscopic Fennel’”. 

The New Normal features 19 tracks, the band building upon the innovative ambition and genre-hopping skulduggery they introduced themselves to the world with on FragmentsThe new album could easily have carried on in that same direction and comfortably delighted fans of all three musicians, as well as their associated projects, but the trio were bursting with ideas of every kind, resulting in what’s been described as “many twists and turns”, where they are “practically laughing at any notion of genre or boundary”. 

Joining the trio is Alex Lifeson (Rush, Envy Of None) for additional guitar on ‘Once Around The Sun With You’ and Theo Travis (Steven Wilson) on the saxophone for insectoid grooves of ‘Daddy Long Legs’. And, it should be noted, John Paul Jones’ very own chapman stick from 1979 was sent to Beggs and used to record ‘The New Normal’

The album was recorded in the Bermuda Triangle of normality that is Leighton Buzzard, Bedford and New York between 2019 and 2023, engineered by the band and mastered by Andy VanDette (Beastie Boys, Rush, Whitney Houston), featuring artwork that was inspired by an original idea from Hajo Muller.

Available on limited edition as white 2 LP, CD , 2 LP and digitally, you can order it  by clicking here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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