Valley Queen’s Supergiant Goes Global

Valley Queen
Valley Queen

LA’s Valley Queen has signed to Riot Records for the worldwide release of their debut album Supergiant.

Formed as far back as 2011, the band released a series of singles, followed by an EP in 2017.  Vocalist/guitarist Natalie Carol and bass player Neil Wogensen the only consistent before the return of original guitarist Shawn Morones and addition of Mike DeLuccia on drums.

It can be really painful and isolating to go through something that doesn’t really look like anybody else’s experience but your own Carol said on the intensity of bringing the songs together as Valley Queen. But ultimately that’s part of the beautiful orchestration of being alive—instead of trying to go around that experience you need to go fully into it. I think that’s the only way to get a deeper understanding of who we really are.

Produced by Lewis Pesacov, Supergiant is as likely to appeal to fans of Sonic Youth as much as it is ones of Florence and The Machine, with influences ranging from the indie scene to southern rock.



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