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Vamps release new track ‘Calling’

Not to be confused with the UK pretty-boy pop act of a similar name, Japanese rock act Vamps have released a brand new single ‘Calling”, taken from their upcoming studio release “Underworld”. The band’s fifth album marks the first release under new management from record label Eleven Seven Music.

“Calling” is now available for purchase and stream on iTunes and Spotify respectively, and teases a punchy, fast-paced vibe for the upcoming album, which will be available for purchase from 28th April.

There’s a music video preview for the track as well, which you can view below. The video has been worked on by award-winning director Nick Peterson, who has also worked with Five Finger Death Punch on their video for “Wrong Side Of Heaven”.

In a bizarre twist on the superstitions surrounding voodoo dolls, frontman HYDE toys with a clay model set atop a table, planting what seems to be gems into the model’s arms. Elsewhere, a woman crawls across the floor whilst removing similar stones from fleshy compartments that appear in her own arms. It all sounds pretty weird, and she doesn’t look too happy about the whole affair.

To be honest with you? If we could pull priceless stones out of our arms, we’d probably be fairly chuffed about it.

Vamps are also set to tour the US alongside I Prevail and Starset, setting off from Birmingham, Alabama on 2nd May and sweeping across the states for the majority of the month. There’s no official word on any UK appearances just yet, but with X-Japan’s successful performance at Wembley Stadium earlier this month on 4th March, it looks promising that Vamps will grace our shores with their presence soon enough.

Luke Milne
Luke Milne
London-based music junkie Luke Milne has worked in the journalism industry for a number of years, having been fortunate enough to have been closely exposed to a broad range of musical influences in his early youth. Though he picked up a guitar in his early teens, Luke found his real passion lay in observing and inderstanding the culture, history and social buzz that surrounds the rock and roll lifestyle. Also, he couldn't play triplets to save his life.

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