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Victory with the Circle Of Life

Circle Of Life is the new studio album due from German heavy metal act Victory, due out on 13th September via AFM Records. Out now, a making-of video for the band’s first single from the album, the party anthem ‘Count On Me’.

Guitarist Herman Frank joked about the single, “The police would advise to better fasten your seatbelt when listening in the car.” Available on all digital streaming providers here, you can check out the video here at RAMzine.

The early days of the Hanover-based group date back to the 1980s and include  album classics and successful tours around the globe. Fortunately, their present accomplishments are on a par with the band’s impressive past.

Their forthcoming, fourteenth studio album Circle Of Life is said to find the five-piece surrounding founder member Frank building on earlier feats, and also sounding stronger than ever. Frank described the release as “Even more grown-up and mature than its predecessor, we’ve taken the new songs to a whole new level in every respect.” He claims their performance is due to the fact that: “The group operates as a tight unit, based on the experience of the many live shows we’ve played together. Circle Of Life brings together what has grown together and belongs together.”

All of the ten new tracks were recorded by Herman Frank together with vocalist Gianni Pontillo, rhythm guitarist Mike Pesin, bassist Malte Frederik Burkert and drummer Michael Stein at Hanover’s famous Horus Sound Studios, featuring a mix courtesy of sound engineer Arne Neurand.

The album title and matching cover artwork, into which graphic designer Oleg (Voodoo) Shcherbakov has incorporated a philosophical “maths problem” by German artist Rune Mields, also deserve an explanation: They’re about the cycle of life mentioned in the moniker and what people leave behind at the end of their earthly existence. As far as Herman Frank is concerned, Circle Of Life will be Victory’s powerful statement for posterity that their fans will continue to enjoy. He said: “For us, this recording is also the perfect ticket for even more and even more passionate Victory concerts.” 

Circle Of Life features the tracks: ‘Tonight We Rock’, ‘American Girl’, ‘Count On Me’, ‘Surrender My Heart’, ‘Unbelievable World’, ‘Moonlit Sky’, ‘Falling’, ‘Money’, ‘Reason To Love’ and ‘Virtual Sin’. The album can be ordered here.

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Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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