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Void Chapter is Diabolic

Void Chapter returns with fierce new alt-metal single ‘Diabolic’, featuring Daedric, the next track to appear on an upcoming FiXT: Radium compilation.

Brutal straight from the beginning ‘Diabolic’ wastes no time pulling out all the stops with an aggressive screaming vocal performance from contemporary rock and metal powerhouse Daedric. Said to be coupled with provoking lyrics, layered over thrashing guitars, and intense rhythms and following Void Chapter‘s previous formula of epic storytelling through song, ‘Diabolic’ picks up the dark tale of a world under the control of an unmerciful A.I. maintaining its grip on humanity and our day to day lives. 

‘Diabolic’explores the use of The Sprawl A.I.’s tactics that keeps The Taken running on their pre-programmed routes, without question or longing for their humanity,” aid Void Chapter. “These methods help to keep them hyper-focused on the mindset that everything is fine, and they are building a better world for the greater good. The risks are low of individuals malfunctioning and allowing bits of fear and doubt to resurface within their psyche – but when it does happen – The awakening begins. Kristyn Hope (Daedric) skillfully captures the pure angst and roller coaster of emotions presented in this story arc – as the barrage of heavy guitars, cutting synths and powerful rhythms whip through your psyche – will you break the hold?”

The single is available here and you can check out the video here at RAMzine.

‘Diabolic’ was preceded by ‘Phobia’ that itself followed the events described in ‘A Thousand Cries’ this time from the point of view of the AI. As most of humanity is fearful of these creatures that spring out of the earth and take them and their loved ones in the night, these soulless machines show no mercy in abducting their prey for their own collective will. Featuring an ominous atmosphere emphasized by synthesizers, and fast rhythms, the track is a metal fusion of rock, industrial, and djent that fuels a sense of urgency as the guitars and distorted vocals ruthlessly and brutally hammer the point home. There is no escape. 

“Mechanical, threatening, and dynamic, ‘Phobia’ employs low tuned metal guitars, punchy drums, and electronics seemingly designed by an evil horde of artificial intelligence,” stated Void Chapter. “The only lyrics are a menacing chant, recited by the primary protagonist in Void Chapter’s universe of ‘The Sprawl.'”
Phobia’ is available from independent multi-genre label FiXT, is available here and you can check out the video here at RAMzine.

Peviously, Void Chapter teamed up with vocalist and producer Robin Adams to release the afroementioned metalcore cyberpunk-filled single ‘A Thousand Cries’.

It is the fifth song to emerge from a continuing narrative from their futuristic, dystopian world known as The Sprawl. It’s said to be filled with elements that are both ethereal and ominous interwoven using synths, guitar, and making full use of Adam’s emotional range.
“Cinematic and dark, yet heavy and ferocious, this song tells the terrifying story of two individuals suddenly being ripped away from each other by mysterious forces,” said the band “True to the trademark Void Chapter sound, the song features low-tuned and rhythmic guitars, smashing drums and percussion, original sound design in the form of synths and sound effects, and the huge emotional range of Robin Adams, who contributed lyrics and vocals for ‘A Thousand Cries’.

The single is still available via FiXT and you can check out the video below.

The origins of Void Chapter can be traced back to 2006. Members, Brian and Otto met in the remix community and discovered they had an affinity for heavy music, synthesizers, and sound design. They would work on many projects together throughout the years and even land a few major movie trailers and tv placements with their music.

Otto was also very involved in the Propellerhead Reason Community, where he met Adam, who enthusiastically shared similar interests with the other two. It wasn’t long before the three started making music collectively for trailer and production libraries. 

Over time, the collective became an outlet to create original artist material, complete with its own universe and lore. This was the beginning of Void Chapter, and the inception of a world made complete with music, sound design, and storytelling. ‘The Sprawl’, written by Adam, tells of a dystopian refuge decimated by corruption and war, and seemingly eternal hardship. ‘The Uprising’, written by Brian and Otto, is the soundtrack to the war itself, and the conflict between nefarious kings and their consequential resistance. 

Today, Void Chapter is three talented producers coming together with the purpose of creating intense, concept-driven, genre-bending music with corresponding world-building and narrative. A new, full-length album is currently being produced by Void Chapter and is slated to be released in late 2022.

Previously, the band released a synth metal mix single in ‘Target Acquired’ featuring the ethereal vocal talent of Megan McDuffee.

According to the band themselves, “Blurring the lines between synthwave and progressive metal, Void Chapter’s latest offering demonstrates power, groove, and melody in this continuation of a story of humanity’s fight against an existential threat. With Megan McDuffee at the helm on vocals, ‘Target Acquired’ blends beauty and brutality with lush synths, crushing guitars, and lyrics that tell a desperate yet commanding narrative.”

Well, you might want to check out the facts for yourselves on that one, and that’s exactly what you can do via the official video featured here at RAMzine.

After that, you can purchase/stream the track on all digital platforms, courtesy of independent multi-genre label FiXT, by clicking here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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