When Rivers Meet

WRM photo by Laurence Harvey.

British husband and wife blues rock duo When Rivers Meet release their debut-album We Fly Free on Friday 20th November, pre-empted by the single ‘Battleground’ released on 9th October.

Grace and Aaron Bond are the names behind When Rivers Meet and they’re following up on critically well received EP’s The Uprising and Innocence of Youth with their full length release.

“We’re so excited about this record” says Grace. “Our two previous EP releases have really given us such a good foundation and helped us to find our sound. When we came to record the album, we knew exactly what we wanted to create.”

“The album is titled We Fly Free, which is indicative of where we are right now. We feel we’ve grown so much in this last year as people and as a couple: it’s really given us the confidence to write with freedom.”

Their passion for blues rock shows through with an underpinning of traditional blues and classic rock. The duo has made a concerted effort to keep to a genuine, gritty sound using authentic techniques, including tube tape echo and reverb chambers, that have created a live sound that keeps a vintage vibe that not only has energy but is also a representation of the ever-evolving sound of the duo.

Grace Bond takes the majority of the lead vocals, showcasing her range, and also plays slide resonator mandolin and fiddle. While guitarist Aaron adds harmony vocals and takes lead on two of the tracks.

Recorded with Adam Bowers at The Boathouse Studio in the Suffolk countryside, he also plays drums and shares bass and keys duty with Robin Breeze on some of the tracks. 

‘Battleground’ is now available to pre-save by clicking here.


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