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Yfel 1710 and The Body Collector

Polish black metal act Yfel 1710 has released a new single, with accompanying video, for ‘Zbieracz Ciał’, from the band’s latest album, Zlatują Się Ćmy, out now on Pagan Records earlier this year. 

‘Zbieracz Ciał’ translates as “body collector”, and as the band explained: “At the time of the plague epidemic of 1710 in Warmia, it was a common thing to employ the so-called ‘lower medical staff’.

“They usually worked at night. When people heard their bells, they were obliged to make way and walk away. The task of this lower medical staff was to collect corpses from the streets. Dead bodies were placed on special carriages and taken away.

“It sometimes happened that a body collector abused his privileges. Some of them demanded money or valuables for taking away the corpse. There were also stories about drunk body collectors who desecrated corpses, simply ignoring other people who were too afraid to do disturb them.”

You can check out the video for ‘Zbieracz Ciał’ here at RAMzine. It includes footage from Die Pest In Florenz, a German silent historical film from 1919, directed by Otto Rippert. 

Regarding the actual Zlatują Się Ćmy album, the band described it as follows: “The She-Devils shall open the Gate and their joyous lament shall be heard in the vast expanses of the sky. They shall slice the knot of the past, unravel the knot of the future in order to bathe in blood here and now. For their blood is the Gate, and from the other side moths shall arrive and loom, their mirror-like wings shall blind you with a shadow. The bearers they are. They bear the silence, which you can find only There. And they shall bring it here. Look into their empty eyes and see them in your dead dream, in our dead dream”. They continued: “Moths, envoys of the night. They shall arrive from beyond our causal world of the mortal ones. To open the Gate. To invite the acausal world into our causal reality.”

The artwork to Zlatują się Ćmy was done by Robert A. von Ritter Illustrations. The album was recorded at Willa Wisielców Studio and Bat Studio, mixed and mastered by Michał Grabowski.

Tracks featured are: Wszystko, co sprawi’, ‘że będzie was mniej’, ‘Numinosum nocy’, ‘Barczewskie noce 2’, ‘Zlatują się Ćmy’, ‘Zbieracz Ciał’, ‘To, co jest moją Ciemnością’, ‘Na Szubienicznym Wzgórzu’, Przybądź, Diable’, ‘Wzgórze Czaszek’ and ‘1esteś Bramą’

Yfel 1710 released its debut album Willa Wisielców in 2020 and a split with Martwa Aura for Kali Yuga Boys earlier in February 2022. The new album was recorded between October 2020 and March 2022 by Klimorh, Góral, Skaven and Pająk, with the new record dedicated to the memory of the band’s drummer Paweł “Skaven” Walesiak (1980 – 2020).

Previously, the band paid homage to the winter solstice and the longest night in the year with the single ‘Numinosum Nocy’, that’s also on their latest album. The band’s previous single, ‘Wszystko, co sprawi, że będzie was mniej’ is available to stream here and you can check out the various videos here at RAMzine.

Zlatują się Ćmy is available from here. 

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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