Zoli Téglás’ Ocean Hills

You may have seen Zoli Téglás in Hollywood movies like Terminator: Dark Fate or TV series like The Alienist, Spectral, Tyrant and Argo 2. He’s also renowned as an activist for animal rights and environmental protection. However, he’s also been the voice of Ignite, and fronted bands like Pennywise and The Misfits.

Now he’s launched a brand-new US alternative rock band, going by the handle of Ocean Hills, who have signed to AFM Records.

Joining Téglás in Ocean Hills are Peter Lukacs (Lead guitar), Daniel Szebenyi (Keyboards and bass) and Reinder Oldenburger (Rrhythm guitar), all with integral contributions to the band’s songwriting.

These songs come from the heart, said Téglás. “The songs are great, the musicianship is amazing, the guitar solos are incredible, and the vocals are melodic and hard hitting. Rock anthem stuff!”

You can catch a preview video of Ocean Hills right here at RAMzine.


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