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Arceye ‘At First Light’

Arceye is a four piece death/trash metal band from Shrewsbury. Since forming in 2004 the band has been busy spreading their music to the masses, resulting in a strong fan base far and wide. With the success of their previously released album ‘The Divide Between Chaos & Order’ there’s no doubt that their recently released album ‘At First Light’ will be as equally successful.


Title track ‘At First Light’ opens the album. Slightly mystical sounding, this track almost hypnotises you,  to listen more. They have some fast killer riffs that could easily be mistaken for any 80’s rock band, but they have managed to put their own spin on it. Second track ‘The Storm’ really does kick up a storm. Like the title the song appears to have a lot going off in it which at times can be hard to take in, but fear not ‘The Storm’ soon dyes down by third track ‘The Longest Drive’. The slowness of the song really soothes the ears and makes for a refreshing break after the first two songs. Fourth track ‘I Silently Wait’ does not do as the title says. It comes at you kicking and screaming. It’s fast paced but at times posses some more toned down riffs which break the song up perfectly. Fifth track ‘Sirius’ is definitely the brightest song on the album. It shows another side to the band. It really doesn’t need any lyrics as the music speaks for itself. It is simply beautiful. If you need to shut yourself away from the world for just a few minutes, then this is the perfect song to listen to whilst doing so. Sixth track ‘Brother Disarmed’ is a lot darker than the previous songs. It’s brutal and certainly kicks ass. Track seven ‘Prey for Forgiveness’ doesn’t hold back. It’s in your face from the start. The raw vocals along with the fast paced guitar riffs make for the perfect combination. ‘Damage Done’ is the eighth track. Absolutely no damage has been done here just another great song. A completely different sound to the previous tracks, although not quite as heavy, the audible lyrics make a nice change. There’s real emotion in both the music and vocals. This side of the band is one I would like to see more of. Ninth track ‘The Thirst’ is what the band is all about. Good solid music. A combination of heavy and mellow riffs keeps your ears awake and intrigued to hear more. Final track ‘Dusk’ shows once again how the guitar riffs speak for themselves. Leaving you feeling relaxed, the band have shown how they have managed to create their own sound and that you don’t need lyrics to have a successful ending to an album.

‘At First Light’ shows how versatile Arceye are as a band. No two songs are the same and this keeps you wanting to hear more. They’ve been together nine years and it shows that the bands hard work has paid off.

 ‘At First Light’ is out now via Hostile Media!


Cherry Welford
Cherry Welford
Tattoo junkie Cherry loves all things Rock N Roll, leopard print and pizza.

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