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Review: Carousel Kings – Charm City

Infectiousness runs clear on the new record Charm City from Carousel Kings, with hooks and punchy lyrics pushing the album into rock territory. The band don’t shy away from exploiting their thoughts of chaos and pain either, as they point their fingers at the sky, wondering if it’s going to fall. The guitars and rush of adrenaline merge brilliantly, the arrangements are not rushed, the musicianship is fundamental and is rooted in the bands makeup.

Carousel Kings
Carousel Kings

We’re given songs of dismay and disenchantment, songs which mirror the band member’s flaws. They’re not an act that pepper their lives with obnoxiousness, they write about decisions which have affected them. Love is broken on Charm City too, it’s rotting to the core, relationships are reflected on, hope burns up like a fever. And when the songs are presented, they’re masked in fun, but have deep undercurrents, an underlay of regrets. It’s heard in the tracks, loose topics on sheer mishap and clogged ambitions.

Charm City marks a beloved act’s return, and it sparks. It bursts from the seams, with melodies and energetic vocals. It takes inspiration from past efforts, but there’s a lyrical upgrade. The band have thrown away what’s not useful and have rebuilt. The album presents songs of worth, take ‘Glory Daze’ for example, it begins with a startling riff that carries on. The vocals express melancholia, with the lyrics bearing their teeth. ‘Here, Now, Forever’ is an emotional twist, an infusion of depth and rawness. The little twinkle of guitar offers the song a beautiful contrast. ‘Hate Me, Love Me’ marries well as the fast-paced instrumentals meld together, and the chorus is masterful.

Carousel Kings have committed to the rock circuit here, developing an emotional backdrop, certifying their worth as a band of substance and urgency.  

Mark Mcconville
Mark Mcconville
Mark McConville is a freelance music journalist who has written for many online and print publications.

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