Game Zero Prepare For War With Latest Release

Game Zero
Game Zero

Italy’s Game Zero are set to unleash ,W.A.R (We Are Right), their sophomore album which is set to hit shelves February 28th.

Game Zero formed in 2013 and released their debut album Rise in 2015. Since their creation, they have shared the stage with Sabaton in a support capacity and have featured on the bill for some European festivals as they gather speed and build their following.

Game Zero’s sound is best described as alternative rock but it throws a few curveballs along the way, especially on this new record. There are hints of stadium rock and nu-metal sprinkled throughout, think Volbeat meets Papa Roach. W.A.R is certainly a record that grows on you, it took more than a couple of listens to get into the rhythm of things. It must be said that in places it can be a little jarring but once you’ve been around a few times it becomes an easier listen.

There are some good riffs that carry most tracks, all of which are punchy, lively and upbeat. Things get a little heavy with tracks ‘Compromise’ and ‘You Choke Me’ with chunkier guitar work at the forefront. The album isn’t completely linear, each track offers something somewhat different to the last, that jarring effect I mentioned, however, comes into play on ‘You’ve Got To Move On’ which features a sudden acoustic section that ends as abruptly as it begins.

Title track ‘We Are Right’ opens things well with its anthemic vocals and catchy riffs, there is also a surprising cover of Simple Minds classic ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ – this appears as track four which is a little odd and breaks the flow of the album somewhat, usually, covers feature towards the end of a record but Game Zero opted to position this one higher. The cover itself is solid enough, nothing is changed too much just the song played tribute to in Game Zero’s way.

While it’s a strange ride in places at the first try W.A.R finds a way into your head, it’s catchier than you first think and has a fair amount of replay value. Expect to see these guys mid-card at European festivals over the coming summers.



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