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GraViL – Thoughts of a Rising Sun

Following the release of their single/music video ‘Enemy Within’ London metal troops GraViL have unleashed their brand new album ‘Thoughts of a Rising Sun’! Here is out track-by-track review!

 Structurally Unsound

I would say this is structurally sound! And judging from the velocity of sound coming from my speakers I feel I have to drop to my knees and support these guys – what an amazing array of vocal dexterity coupled with jagged pummelling beats and harsh rhythms that simply devour and conquer – and don’t be fooled by the pleasant string ensemble either it just outlines the bands amazing diversity to a T. Contrasting between melodically supreme to down-right harsh and brutal there is something for everyone on just this track alone!

Enemy Within

Clever… an earthly flute starts and then incorporates a haunting melody with terrific growls. GraViL I salute you! That driving intensity of rhythm is taking a hold and is truly dragging me into its head shaking magnitude of extremity. Encapsulating and raw Oh how I am loving being taken to hell on a bed of nails – it’s going to hurt but what the hell I am enjoying the ride!

Beyond Reprieve

This is like standing in front of a cold heartless firing squad one by one the bullet like rhythms are being fired straight into the heart of the listener and the euphoric guitar riffs inject the ears with a caustic solution – so in other words – you don’t stand a chance with this one. Again I am revelling in its extremity and loving every minute of this hellish torture and seriously contemplating a replay or 6 until I am beyond reprieve!gravildownload

The Wanderer

Rippling muscular rhythms wrap themselves around you like a barbed wire coat embellished with razor blades. The harmonies are keeping my feet firmly on the ground whilst the terrific scale of the guitars are stretching me to my limits of endurance and yet I reach for the volume and turn it up a further 4 notches to savour its brutality!

Something worth Chasing

Awesome piano keys open this track and then a harsh entourage of heavy riffs explode and a GraVeLly vocal ensues. The melody is ever present and sweeps you into a void of intensity, where you can truly savour this in its entirety – just close your eyes and feel the bite! And turn the fucker up to get full effect, it’s just so delicious! Perfection personified!


And now for a spot of sophistication – yes these guys can do both sophisticated and harsh with resounding ease although it builds to a higher octane level and will throttle you but just bathe in its super intense wash of rhythms – it won’t soothe, but it will satisfy!

Thoughts of a Rising Sun

The previous track runs into this one which is the title track and a little confusing but none the less enjoyed immensely. Still in the vein of extremely huge in content it never lets up for a second.  Pounding rhythms will just take over and you will be helpless to stop it – go with the flow and enjoy being eaten alive with pure melodic caustic riffage!

The Struggle

Up tempo and brutal with ferocious gnarlyness but slightly weaker clean vocal that is definitely out of tune which is a shame however redeemed with a fierce growl once more. This track is definitely a struggle clean vocal wise!

Through the eyes of Spartans

Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Venomous intensity will just flow through your veins as this hits. Predominantly scathing vocal amid a harsh and rapturous drum beat curling itself around you in a no holds barred manner it will squeeze you dry of all life like a wrung out cloth. The scale of riffs is fiery and in your face melting the skin at a rate of knots until it just leaves the skull.

Bottle of Shadows

A slight respite from all the harshness with a crisp guitar that is striking and flavoured with a melodic stance of power. It holds a rhythmic sway that builds quickly to engage the listener in sheer purgatory, so the respite was short lived – did you think that GraViL were going to let you off lightly? In your dreams.

One melting pot of surging and engaging passionate frenzy of squalid pleasure with only one weak track “The Struggle” this album was created to remove skin from the bones and it does so with caustic sensibility as it ravishes and pulverises in all its splendour.  Absolutely amazing!

My ears are literally ringing from listening! This is the ‘mutha’ of all albums and like a dragon will breathe flames of unadulterated passion straight into the aural cortex with utter abandon and as a result your head will explode! This should be respected as it is unlikely to be repeated.

GraViL ‘Thoughts of a Rising Sun’ will be Released 1st May 2013.


Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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