Tuesday, April 16, 2024

House VS Hurricane ‘Crooked Teeth’ Track Review

After a short absence and line up reshuffle, the Australian powerhouse that is House VS Hurricane is back, and their timing couldn’t be better. With the metalcore genre becoming pretty over-populated, it was about time to give it a fresh new look. Tight harmonic guitar solos, over roaring vocals and catchy choruses might all sound pretty familiar, but you forget that these boys are Aussies, and they don’t do things by half. Each riff flows into the next with great ease; the beatdowns are integrated into the song, rather than being completely obvious; and the transitions from hard to melodic vocals are executed effortlessly. You can clearly hear that the line-up change has really had a positive effect on the band; and although they have lost the keyboard element, they have gained pure raw talent in the form of their new front-man.



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