Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Inculter release eight blackened compositions in the form of Fatal Visions

The Norwegian thrash metal squadron known as Inculter made waves in the underground a few years ago by means of their impressive and memorable debut offering entitled Persisting Devolution, and it is no secret that this writer was quite curious as to what the follow-up would sound like. It is with great pleasure to announce that this fist-pumping new opus of theirs is every bit as entertaining and morbidly enthusiastic as its predecessor.

The great thing about Fatal Visions and its eight blackened compositions is that it basically sounds like a band having fun in rehearsals, which is not to say that there is anything sloppy or unstructured to the record as such, but there are elements of danger and excitement coursing through this raging and rumbling beast of an album that one seldom comes across with respect to modern-day thrash bands. Inculter’s take on the genre is strictly old-school and in that sense one could argue that there is nothing original or innovative to be found here as such. However, the level of determination and the amount of confidence that have been poured into its creation speak volumes and it is damn-near impossible not to be swept away by the surging tide of malevolent riffs, the storming vocals, or the artillery-like drumming that constantly batter the senses. In terms of sound and atmosphere, Inculter bring to mind the Teutonic thrash force that is Destruction, but it is just as dark and sinister as early Sodom and at times even as frantic and insane as the first few Kreator outputs – what more could a headbanging maniac such as yourself possibly ask for? At its most brutal and foul, there are even nods to the mighty Apocalyptic Raids by Hellhammer, so all in all, we are dealing with a record that encompasses and encapsulates all the best parts of some of the genre’s titans and pioneers while simultaneously possessing a certain attitude and a musical identity of its own, which is quite special, really.

There is nothing refined or anything of finesse to be unearthed on Fatal Visions and it is all the better for it. There is absolutely no let-up in terms of fire and energy, and it is inspiring to see just how much these ugly young metal bastards have progressed since the bands inception back in 2012. If you play this fucker loud, your annoying neighbors might in fact flee the building and never return. There is hardly an ounce of fat to the album and it never really loses momentum, which is why this is the perfect album to invest in if you want to get your hands on a raw, blistering record that contains nothing but pulverizing and nasty neck-breaking anthems. Again, you need to look elsewhere if you desire musical innovation, but the fact is that blackened underground thrash metal has rarely sounded better than it does here and it is without doubt a fresh take on a classic recipe, which is invigorating. Bestial music from the deepest pit of hell? You bet!

Jens Nepper
Jens Nepperhttps://floodgatemoodsproductions.bandcamp.com/
Born and raised in Denmark, currently living in Norway, and hopelessly addicted to coffee and Black Sabbath.

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