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Less Than Jake ‘See the Light’

Less Than Jake are a ska/punk band from Gainesville, Florida. Formed in 1992, the band consists of Chris, Roger, Vinnie, Buddy and JR. The band’s name comes from Vinnie’s dog, Jake, who was treated better than the rest of the household, so everything was ‘less than Jake’. Their debut album ‘Pezcore’ was released in 1995, following a series of independent seven-inch singles. The band went on to release a further eight albums including their latest release ‘See the Light’. Here is our track-by-track review:

Track one ‘Good Enough’ has an upbeat vibe from the word go. With the added sound of the trombone, this sets the band apart from the rest. It gives them a different edge. Most bands wouldn’t be able to pull it off. They have created their own unique sound which has so far given them 21 years in the music industry, so they must be doing something right.

Track two ‘My Money is on the Long Shot’ continues with the upbeat vibe. This song really highlights the bands ska/punk sound. With lyrics most people can relate to, they manage to get the message across without being downbeat.

Track three ‘Jump’ opens with fast paced riffs. This continues throughout the song. It’s none stop from the start. Sticking to what they do best, this makes for a winning track.

Track four ‘The Loudest Songs’ once again posses’ catchy lyrics that most people can relate to. They have an infectious sound that fans will find themselves singing the lyrics and dancing to at shows.

less then jakeTrack five ‘Do the Math’ has a clear message that has been cleverly put across. A more toned down track that still has the bands distinctive sound. This couldn’t be anymore relevant to today’s society if it tried.

Track six ‘Bless the Cracks’ makes for a refreshing change. With heavier punk sounds, this highlights the bands versatility.

Track Seven ‘John the Baptist Bones’ maintains the ska/punk sound. Heavier riffs mixed in with the more upbeat ska sound along with Chris’ vocals makes you want to hear the song again and again.

Track eight ‘American Idle’ is a song that makes you stop and think. With lyrics like ‘We were the ones that grew up too fast’ makes you realise how fast time goes. It’s a real song about reminiscing and looking back to your childhood, only to realise ‘It’s over’.

Track nine ‘The Troubles’ is fast paced from the start. Another song packed with strong lyrics, vocals and musical ability, which the band has gained from years of experience.

Track ten ‘Give Me Something to Believe In’ has a more chilled ska sound. Still staying true to what they do best, with powerful lyrics, it’s clear to see how the band has come so far.

Track eleven ‘Sunstroke’ has a punkier edge. Faster paced riffs and edgier vocals make for a nice change. It would have been nice to hear a few more tracks with a similar sound to this.

Track twelve ‘A Short History Lesson’ bounces back with the all too familiar ska sound. The upbeat sound makes you feel good inside and eager to hear more.

Track thirteen ‘Weekends All Year Long’ closes with the bands signature sound. The feel good sound makes a great end to the album.

Less Than Jake have come along way since 1992. This reflects not only in their music but in their strong fan base that has evolved over the years. Not only are the band doing what they love and do best but at the same time it is also what the fans want. This clearly has something to do with their success, another great album not to be missed.

‘See the Light’ is out now! 

Cherry Welford
Cherry Welford
Tattoo junkie Cherry loves all things Rock N Roll, leopard print and pizza.

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