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Live Review: Beartooth @ Sub89, Reading

So, when I say “Bear” you say “Tooth” Bear~

That’s right, Beartooth. Caleb Shomo‘s latest music venture that was formed in 2012 after he left Attack Attack has started lighting up the ears and hearts of many worldwide. Whilst coming away from the Post-Harcore style djent riffs with synths and some dark screamo, Caleb actually started writing Beartooth songs during his time in Attack Attack. The bands debut EP Sick was written; sung, produced and played all by Shamo himself!

Beartooth 1 copyWhat better way to spend a bank holiday then to be at a local venue with Beartooth smashing the stage with melodic but heavy songs! Caleb continuously made it known that he and the guys in the band love playing intimate shows like this one, and it really did show! Their energy  on stage was electrifying and everyone witnessed a band that are blowing up! Beartooth are very humble and even let some lucky guy front row contribute to screaming along to one of the songs; it troubles me that I don’t recall what track it was but I point my finger to the jager bombs and beer….. That bank holiday was a night I never wanted to end, if I could, I would of jumped into the tour bus and joined them as they venture to Australia and Vans warped tour! Let’s not forget The Colour Morale who opened for the headliners that night as they have a nice following that enjoyed every moment! Garret (front man for TCM) was just as much of a crowd pleaser as Caleb, getting the crowd involved with singing, jumping and even taking a girls smart phone for a cheeky video of himself and the venue on fire with fist pumps!

And on that note ~

We had the chance to catch up with Caleb before the show and off camera asked about a current trend along the lines of a cheeky Nandos. He mentioned that the rest of the band was currently doing just that! and explained that since he is married to an English lady, he fully understands our cheeky slang and terminology! Fair play mate.

See more photos on Facebook here.

Adam Hemmings
Adam Hemmings
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