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Live Review: New Device / One Last Run, The Firehouse, Southampton

Mother of Pearl give us a loud and proud opener making a good first impression with a good bit of energy. This does die down a bit as they go on; they seem very concentrated when they play giving off this intense vibe which suits the ‘metal Nirvana’ thing they have going on. Between tunes, they’re actually quite light hearted by the looks of it. They easily wow the crowd with a varied set and give us a good starting point for tonight, even without the inflatable duck they usually bring.

Not a lot of young hair metal bands out there, so Saints of Sin feel like real treat. These completely lovable rogues charm the audience with their attitude, singing songs about sex and girls and fornication and girls… and one about a devil. Their energy is utterly endless

Saints of Sin
Saints of Sin

as the jump as high with the last note of their set as they did with the first. Guitarist Matt Spencer treats the crowd to some up-close and personal action as he invades the crowd for a full on finish for a full on set.

One Last Run give us a change of vibe. The first thing you notice about them is the shear power of their sound. Theirs is a slow burn performance, starting off slow but packing ferocious punches by the end. Vocalist Becky takes the spotlight, with the performance stemming mostly from her. Unbreakable is a highlight of their set and they easily win over the crowd by the end. We get another dose of crowd-invasion from the bands performing and there’s even time for some well posed photos. It was a great laugh and a great show.
New Device
New Device

New Device’s masterful hold on the stage shines through the minute they begin. Lead singer, Daniel Leigh is a natural show man with the whole band giving us some good groove and hard-rock tunes. They equally impress and endear the crowd between their fiercely strong show and laid back demeanour, it’s that ideal blend of experienced rocking our and light hearted messing about. However the MVP award must be given especially to their bassist who has apparently only ever had one rehearsal with the band by the time they’re on stage. A triumphant end to a triumphant tour no doubt.

Words: Sean Rafferty
Photographs: Dionne Lockyear
Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty
A metalhead residing the birthplace of metal - Birmingham!

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