Sunday, December 3, 2023

Live Review: Serpentine @ Hard Rock Hell

Serpentine – Stage 2 – Friday

If there’s one band of the weekend that impressed us more than anyone else, it was these guys. It was evident from the very beginning that this band are in it for the pure passion of it; interacting with each other and having a laugh, as well as producing a set full of technically strong songs and heart felt lyrics. Front man Matt Black has an impressively powerful set of wind pipes on him, and his charismatic and engaging personality really shone through as he interacts with the audience between songs. From all angles, the crowd’s voices could be heard as they sang along to each song. An overly valiant performance by the Cardiff renegades here at Hard Rock Hell.

RAM would definitely recommend these guys to our readers, and a new album by the band can be expected next year. Stay tuned for future info on these guys or check out our little interview with the boys here.

You can find out more about Serpentine via their Official facebook:

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