Sunday, June 16, 2024

Live Review: The Dogs D’Amour @ Hard Rock Hell

If you’re looking for a band with sleaze, blues and attitude, then The Dogs D’Amour are the band for you. They took the stage at Hard Rock Hell on the Friday evening to an expectant crowd, who were waiting for their heroes to perform.

The band were indeed filled with sleaze and blues and attitude, however something seemed to be missing at the start of the set. As it continued on however, they really grew into the performance and began feeding off the expectant crowd. Frontman Tyla really spat the lyrics to the hits “How Come It Never Rains”, “Wait Until I’m Dead” and “Comfort of the Devil”. The swagger had returned to this great band and they had the audience right in the palm of their hand.

This brilliant performance was completed by the closing song “Errol Flynn”, a number which had everyone up dancing. Dogs D’Amour were a fantastic addition to this year’s Hard Rock Hell lineup, and here’s hoping that their reunion continues into 2013. If you haven’t heard of this classic band before, listen to them! You won’t be disappointed. A great way to kick off Friday evening at Hard Rock Hell.

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