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Mercury Underground EP Review

Mercury Underground are based in Glasgow and definitely are not “just a rock band!” ranging from classic rock through to progressive and into fusion it’s just a unique blend of rock and more importantly it works!

The band has supported such acts as Adrenalin Mob, Voodoo Six, Sick Puppies, Attica Rage and The Sword during their tour with Metallica. Gaining experience playing European Festivals and performing in front of thousands at the MEI Festival in Italy in 2009 and this paved the way for the band to be one of 10 bands picked to play at Canada’s biggest rock festival D-Tox RockFest 2012 and that’s not all – the band was nominated for a Los Angeles Music Award for Best Hard Rock Band and recently for the Scottish New Music Award for Loud/Metal Recording of the year and took place on Sunday 2nd September 2012. Sadly the guys didn’t win but were grateful for the chance of being nominated.
Shockwave Solution
Rock with shock! This is just superb. It has a sneaky little bass hook and really packs a punch to the jaw.  Its rolling riffs and great rock n roll drum beats will leave you spellbound. The breakdowns here are just so exciting, as they are rhythmic and captivating.
Stealing Hope
Highly addictive with an explosive impressive riff that just blasts into action and even if you have never heard it before which I hadn’t (until now) you can still sing the words!!  I just love that plus point. The guitar and vocals from D.R. Webster are just phenomenal!  It has edge, bags of style, and riffs by the ton and pokes a stick in the eye of people who dare to say rock is dead or out-dated. This kick ass you better believe it! And has to be my favourite track on the E.P. although the other two are just as superb but nothing beats that catchy riff! Crank it up!!!
The Great Escape
Another winner! Again addictive and punchy – more clout than the average boxer! Stupendous riffs and beats – I cannot believe that these guys didn’t win the Scottish New Music Award – the people there must be tone deaf in my opinion! This is so catchy and so memorable – MU is just one of those bands that when you listen you want more.  Your ears just say gimme, gimme, and once this happens you know you have truly listened and experienced Mercury Underground.
Rock played and produced at its utmost best (and in the same vein as Liverpool’s own Savage Outlaw) but sadly just three tracks to gorge on – I could quite happily listen to more from this band. Catchy, compelling and addictive just three words to describe them and the next offering can’t come soon enough for me!

Check them out on the link above and go buy a copy for yourself – For all you die hard rockers out there I just know this addiction will last!! ♥ Hope I don’t wear Soundcloud out!

Genre: Rock/Progressive/Fusion


Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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