Sunday, February 25, 2024

Not Ur Girlfrenz support Bowling For Soup

Somewhere there is a pop punk band, a group of seasoned pros who have had their life-force sucked out of them and placed in the bodies of a trio of Texan teenage girls – has anyone heard from Sugarcult recently? Sounds akin to the plot from Space Jam but it is the best way to describe Not Ur Girlfrenz – they strut around the stage with a confidence that belies their years.  

Not Ur Girlfrenz Live Benji Walker

Not Ur Girlfrenz Live Benji WalkerThe crowd don’t quite know what to make of them at first, which is understandable – it seems they have come from nowhere to open for one of the biggest pop-punk bands of the last 20 years. However unperturbed Not Ur Girlfrenz power through and win them over; a tough task for any opener. Lead singer/guitarist Liv’s pop like vocals have a distinct rasp of teenage angst while bassist Maren headbangs with such veracity it could make the Tasmanian Devil dizzy. The tour is meant as a pre-Christmas celebration so of course there is a rousing rendition of ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’ but its their own songs that really shine through. New Kids In America’ is a perfect example of a great pop punk song – so much so the chorus is still embedded in my brain a week after listening to it.

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