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Now, Voyager ‘Seas’ EP Review

Now, Voyager are a post-hardcore outfit stemming from Brussels, Belgium and they’re bringing a sound to international shores that isn’t entirely original, nor is it unique, but it is distinguishable from its peers as it’s simply amongst the best you’ll hear this year in terms of talent, passion and energy.

Despite only recently breaking into international waters and straying from their native Belgium, they can already boast sharing a stage with the likes of Memphis May Fire, While She Sleeps and The Devil Wears Prada, amongst many more impressive names. Having begun their musical adventure together only two years ago, it’s impressive that not only have they already found their sound and style, but they’ve begun to break into countries all over the world, who, like many, have found themselves unable to stop listening to this breakthrough act. This is some of the finest metal to be found.

Vocalist Nabil’s passion is evident in his throaty screams, and these are the very first thing you hear when Seas kicks in with The Surface: a track which is laden with technical, twinkling, merciless riffs and impressively powerful vocals. On the rare moments where the track slows down to make way for some perfectly placed, beautiful clean vocals this is not a disappointment, just a moment to catch your breath before the track launches back into its full throttle assault on all the senses. So far? Incredibly impressed with this EP…and also slightly upset that it’s only five tracks.

These serene moments make repeat appearances throughout, and title track Seas as well as its follower To Every Beginning are no exceptions to the rule. This serenity is a false sense of security: Now, Voyager have a very signature sound, a unique touch on an over-saturated genre scene and this ensures they will not disappear into the abyss of post-hardcore, but rather rise above it.

Foundations begins beautifully, melodically, but having become familiar with the techniques of the band, it’s easy to predict the onslaught that is about to occur. When this happens, however, there are no repetitive feelings despite the similarity to title track Seas, but rather a sense of “Holy shit, they’re fantastic at this!”

Tabula Rasa is (unfortunately) the closing track to Seas, and where the band prove they’re diverse and adaptable within their genre. As we’ve seen before, the track opens slowly, building to a crescendo, but the climax of the song is very different than its predecessors. Tribal style, almost haunting drum work echoes through the listener’s ears and as the pace builds up, twinkling riffs accompany some of the most beautiful clean vocals ever heard. Think Mayday Parade meets Of Mice & Men, yet somehow much more masculine and ethereal than either band have managed thus far.

It is the quality of the vocals, the moments to gather your breath and the way they haul you back in by your heartstrings that ensures Now, Voyager are not going to disappear any time soon…which we’re very glad about.

Cheri Faulkner
Cheri Faulkner
21 year old girl, living in Leeds, drinking too much Irn Bru and writing too much, predominantly about music, though I dabble in film, lifestyle and wrestling too.

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