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Review: 9Electric – The Damaged Ones

9Electric are soon to release their mega 12 track album The Damaged Ones, and what a sound they have produced. At the start of this album you can clearly hear a sensational vocal array that blends with some catchy rhythmic slabs of anthemic rock. The pulsing programming on opening title-track really boosts the track and is a gripping encounter that’s hard to pull away from. The guitars unleash a sizzling batch of thrilling riffs that, together with the overall blend of melodic rhythms, are just phenomenal and will live in your head long after the track has finished.

‘New God’ explodes into a torrential pulse of rhythmic madness showing a heavier flavour of harsh vocal but not splitting away from the curdling melody. ‘Naked’ will no doubt appeal more to the industrial metal-heads among us and cause a stir on a dance floor as it unfolds; the formation is regimented and creative.

‘Beautiful’ offers a scintillating backdrop of sophistication, both with the vocal arrangement and the music content that sweeps over the ears in a grand wash of beauty. ‘Lies’ gives out smothering rhythms that hard to ignore. The catchiness sparks attention and arouses the soul in such an amazing way. ‘Goodbye’ shows off some samples at the beginning and then plunges into a jagged rhythm allowing a soft velvet vocal to lay on the bristling riffs along with strong lyrics. ‘Take it Away’ fluctuates with powerful punchy rhythms blistering with a tremendous beat, again, with the catchiness never far away.

Little Things’ explodes with sensuous keyboard rhythms giving way to a softer vocal; it holds a melancholic feel but is no less pleasing to the ears. The aptly named ‘Filthy’ bursts into palpitating menace but sweeps along on catchy, cleverly written lyrics and a pounding beat that is unrelenting. ‘Toxic Angel’ spreads a sinister eerie edge along with some resonating beats and punchy rhythm, while the vocals gnaw at the ears. ‘More, More’ sees a lot ‘more’ of the programming element coming out with ‘sweary’ lyrics and a hardcore magnetic pulse of rhythms that grab attention with immediate effect. ‘I Die’ is simply riveting, hard, heavy and immense.

Released July 15th, via Another Century Records.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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