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Review: Aghast – Something Else, Something Rotten

Opening track ‘King Bitch’ is one good way of opening up an album – razor edged guitar riffs, a thunderous beat and raspy vocals. If you were asleep before then you certainly won’t be now as you will have your work cut out if you try and snooze.

The agitation is felt immediately on ‘Something Else’ and the scathing rhythms make your shoulders tense as you get accustomed to the brutal slabs of metal being executed from the speakers, however there are some calmer moments, be them briefly.

The samples on ‘Laid Out In Bed’ pave the way for what is about to ascend on the unwitting and that is more brutality of the highest calibre. The blast beats are unrelenting and stark reaching their peak before clobbering you with yet more compelling and feverish contagion.

aghast‘The King Bitch’ (Rix Cena Remix) is very impressive as it employs an electronic component that can be likened to a dance floor track which is very unusual but most welcome indeed. The squally notes hold a very addictive vibe.

‘The King Bitch’ (Invertex Remix) is again very compelling, even thrilling as its devilish angular noises spew forth with unrelenting rancour and brutality be it with a keyboard although I have no idea which member of the band is making this unusual sound but it sure is exciting.

‘Something Else’ (Misfit) is a lot heavier than the first version and I prefer this version as it is full of variety with ballsy rhythms along the line of dub-step which played in this fashion is absolutely electric.

Now things are getting crazier by the minute. The short sharp noises and raspy evil vocals are profound on ‘Laid out in Bed’ (Babylon Remix) no wonder they are called Aghast this is sheer genius for being diverse!

‘Laid Out In Bed’ (Temulent Remix) holds a very dark and disturbing sound that is fast paced and vehement.

There is nothing like variety, it is indeed the spice of life and Aghast have proved it is what keeps the senses alive and kicking. It may not appeal to some as it is rather death metal meet dub-step shall we say, however, I think it’s a really brutal album that deserves some undivided attention!

So if you like different’ be sure to check them out. Go on treat your lug holes. No disappointment whatsoever to be had here!

Out 3rd October 2016 via Abducted Records.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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