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Review: Brimstone Coven – Brimstone Coven

Brimstone Coven‘s new self-titled album certainly sends out a strong statement of intent for the band. Hailing from Wheeling West Virginia, USA – These retro doom metalers sound like they are straight out of a time portal from 1970’s, dripping with Doom. The front cover reminiscent of iconic Black Sabbath cover ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath‘, with the witches of this particular coven drawing you toward the bands music.

‘Cosmic Communication’ is the opening track to the album, which is in the vain of ‘Planet Caravan’ by Black Sabbath, but a much more riff laden. ‘Behold the Anunnukia’ opens with a cheeky nod to Nine Inch Nails when you hear it you’ll know what I mean. If your wondering what an Anunnukia is, it’s a term for a deity or alien from ancient Mesopotamian legends. ‘The Grave’ and ‘Blood on the Wall’ have the feeling of a song straight from gothic writer and poet Edgar Alan Poe’s personal record collection.

After listening to most of the album I felt certain parts felt like a tribute to Black Sabbath and I hope that the band can find a way to stay within their chosen sound and genre but to make it completely their own sound. There are tracks that do show promise for the band such as ‘The Grave’ and ‘Behold the Anunnukai‘. These tracks show Brimstone coven that they can make this sound work for them and keep the shadow of their idols where it belongs.

The bonus material that almost seems Brimstone Covens stronger material feeling less restrained in the bands musicianship, this is evident from the little intro section reminded me of the opening to Destructions ‘Curse the Gods’ then breaking into ‘We Are Forever’ and ‘Children of The Sun‘ showing more promise in Brimstone Coven. Children of the sun I think would have been a better opening to the album as the guitars open with a solid riff which seems to draw you in.  Lost in the Oddessy draws you into a trance like soundscape induced by a tight rhythm section.

I really had high hopes for this debut album but when it came to delivering what should be a showcase for a bright future in music, fast became a disappointment due to the bands lack of caution at being compared to one of the bands that started metal as genre of music along with Black Widow.

My case to this is that I have mentioned Black Sabbath repeatedly in an article meant to be about Brimstone Coven. I still believe that there is lots of potential for Brimstone Coven in a world where many bands think that thrash bands like Metallica where the start of heavy metal and maybe this what the metal scene is missing a band like Brimstone coven who have dared to look back at the true meaning of heavy metal.


The new self-tittled album from Brimstone Coven is out now via Metal Blade.

Andrew Dowling
Andrew Dowling
Hello RAMzine Readers, just wanted to tell all of you a little about myself. Music has always been part of me I grew up in house full of rock music, learnt to play the guitar and studied music business at degree.

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